How to Sharpen a
Stainless Steel Sword

by Peter

I have a collection of stainless steel swords. I want to sharpen one of them just to see if I can but I don't know how. I saw somewhere on the internet you can use an accusharp to do it. Is that true?


Don't try to sharpen a stainless steel sword. The steel is too brittle for cutting and it might shatter, possibly cutting someone.

Here's a page on sharpening

Here's one on edge geometry

And here's one on how to handle sharp swords

You didn't say how old you are but it's best to find out the age for sword ownership in your state. Then, it would be good to find an experienced teacher to help you learn before you work with sharp swords. I teach children to cut with swords when they are quite young but they have to study the safety guide first, and be strong enough to wield the sword. They also have to know the basic cuts and be using them correctly with a wooden sword. We also do it under strict safety conditions.

I suggest saving up for a good sword and making sure you are trained before trying to use it.

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