Polearms of China
A few of the many varieties.

polearms of ancient China - long handled dadao

When do swords become polearms? This can sometimes be difficult to determine. The weapon above (courtesy of Josh Stout) is actually a very long handled daodao. Now, is that a sword or a polearm? You tell me! I don't think the man who carried it cared, as long as his weapon did its job. Dadao are swords, but I've popped this one on the polearms page to get us all thinking. It could be mistaken for a pudao, but the blade shape is distinctly dadao.

Now take a look at the impressive array below. These weapons are on display in the Beijing Military Museum. I haven't named them since I need to do more research to get the names accurate, but they are here, simply for you to have a look at the variety.

Polearms of Ancient China

Ancient Chinese Polearms

This is the beginning of the Chinese Polearm page. More will be added over the next week, and then, after that, as better knowledge becomes available. Please feel free to contribute any knowledge or pictures you would like to see on this page.

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