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Chinese Swords Guide

Site Map

Hello. Welcome to the Chinese Swords Guide Site Map. This is a quick and easy way to find all of the content on this website. Since the Chinese Swords Guide will eventually have over 500 pages, I can't list all of them on the Menu Bar, which appears down the left side of each page. So I've put only the main topics there. The rest of the pages can be reached through text links on each main page. They can also be reached here. This is how it works:

The main subject areas (menu buttons) are in bigger writing. Under each of those, you can find all the deeper content pages relating to that subject. Sometimes I have links to the same page from a number of pages throughout the site, but not here. On this sitemap, each page is only listed once. You can use this as your main content finder page if that is easier for you. It's like having a list of contents in the front of a book with main chapter headings in larger print and subheadings of each chapter in smaller print. Click on a link to go to any page in the Chinese Swords Guide. I'll update this every time I write a new page.

Home Page

Home Page.
Alt Text--Site mape home
An introduction to the website. There is a site visitor globe at the bottom of the page. See if you can find the light for your own nearest city. My Facebook updates are included under that.

Contact us

Get in touch with me here. I always answer notes sent on the contact form. You can also see my latest Twitter updates. Follow me if you like. I've added New York and Sydney time clocks from World Time Server.


This is where every new page I write makes its first appearance. I also use the Blog to write little notes on impotrant changes to the Chinese Swords Guide. There is a notepad there which any visitor may write on.

Swords For Sale

Swords for sale.
Alt Text--Site map swords for sale
We do sell high quality swords suitable for cutting. You can find them here. In the future there will also be the best martial art equipment for sale. We sell worldwide and it's especially advantageous for Australians because of cheap postage.

Huanuo Sanmei Royal Peony Gold Jian

Huanuo Carbon Steel Royal Peony Jian

Huanuo Round Grip Battle Dao

Stretching Exercises

Body care.
Alt Text--Site map stretching exercises
These links will give you the best warm up and stretching exercises for Taijiquan and Chinese Swordsmanship. They are suitable for martial artists, sports people, and those who don't do any of that but like to keep fit. Check out these links for massage techniques, care of your joints and other health related issues.

How to take care of your knees

Basic Sword Fighting

This is the first place to look when you are beginning Chinese swordsmanship. It will give you the foundation for the rest of your training. It begins with correct grip and stance for jian.

Sword techniques

Ci thrust.
Alt Text--Site map sword techniques
Here you can find pages on each type of strike, deflection, combinations and more.

Thrusts Ci, Dian, Zhao

Slash techniques Pi, Hua, Tiao

Slash Techniques Liao, Duo

Sword Fighting

This is the overview. It explains the why of Chinese swordsmanship, the sequence of learning, how to find the style and teacher best for you, what happens in seminars and where you can find one. It also explains what you need in the way of equipment.

5 Elements of Jian Swordsmanship

Sword Etiquette

Test Cutting

Test cutting
Alt Text--Site map sword cutting
This is where to go for information on cutting targets with sharp swords. It gives the safety requirements, reasons, and some great video instruction.

Test cutting for kids


Explanation of what tournaments are all about, how to prepare for one, the best equipment, reports and videos on past tournaments, and announcements of those coming in the future. The page begins with the 2008 TCSL tournament and a highlight video.

TCSL Youth Tournament 2009

Taiji Sword

taiji sword
Alt Text--Site map taiji sword
I cover everything to do with learning jian and dao as part of a tai chi system. In the future there will be information on spear and other system weapons. Here is where you go to find information about sword forms, styles, interviews with taiji masters and students, reports on camps and seminars, even some related empty hand and push hands skills.

Inside Kung Fu Interview with three of the best Part 1

Inside Kung Fu Interview with three of the best Part 2

Inside Kung Fu Interview with three of the best Part 3

Inside Kung Fu Interview with three of the best Part 4

Wooden Swords

Wooden swords
Alt Text--Site map wooden sword
Everything you ever wanted to know about wooden training swords.

How to care for your wooden training sword

The best wooden sword for you.

Real Chinese Swords and Weapons

This is the section for beautiful real Chinese swords. Learn the history, the names and purposes. Read about how they are forged. This section will also have information on other historical weapons, and about modern reproductions.
Chinese swords
Alt Text--Site map Chinese swords

Parts of a Jian


Two handed Chinese Swords



Damascus Steel or Forge Welded blades


chinese armor
Alt Text--Site map ancient Chinese armour
Chinese armour - body protection from neck to toe.


Chinese Armour for the head.

Custom helmets


Fix nicks
Alt Text--Site map sword restoration
This is the section about how to care for all sorts of swords. It explains everything from how to oil them to how to repair them.

sword sharpening and nick removal

Cleaning and maintaining a cutter

Removing heavy rust

Caring for an antique sword

Make it Yourself

Kids swords
Alt Text--Site map foam swords
The do it yourself manual of Chinese (and other) swordsmanship. Step by step instructions on everything I know how to make.

How to videos project overviews

How to make a Chinese Gambeson

How to make a Chinese tassett

How to make padded kid's swords

Featured Artisans

Peter Dekker
Alt Text--Site map Chinese shield
For those who would rather have their gear made by the best in the world. You might find one artisan of each type for each continent, on this page. I'm bringing together the very best for you.

Peter Dekker - Grip Wrapping

Peter Dekker - Tengpai

Chinese Martial History

Ancient swords
Alt Text--Site map ancient chinese swords
The history of everything to do with Chinese weapons and warriors. This is the slowest growing section because it involves a lot of research.

Ancient military weapons from the Beijing Military Museum

Chinese Polearms

The Bannermen

Manchu Archery

GRTC Australia - Past and Present

Australia 2006
Alt Text--Site map tai chi Australia
The history of Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan in Australia began with Scott Rodell and just one long distance student - me, Linda Heenan, in 2004. This is the story of all that has happened since - the students, the seminars, the children. If you live in Australia, you might find your place with the local students.

2005 - 2006

2006 - 2007


Women With Swords

Women with swords
Alt Text--Site map women with swords
A special section for women. Men, beware if you are reading it. I don't hold back from the way women think and are. Women have special needs in the highly male dominated world of martial arts. This section is for them.

Boudicca of the Celts

Kid's Swordsmanship

Kids training
Alt Text--Site map kids sword form
Children are the future of our art. This explains their needs, what is available for them in training, the equipment they need and how to make it fun if you are teaching them. In the future I hope to add a locked forum only accessible by under 18s. I must know them personally and no one outside of that category will get in. It will be a safe forum for kids in sword training.

How Chinese Swordsmanship is good for kids

Equipment for Kids swordsmanship

Fun ideas for kids training

Books and DVDs

Books for sale
Alt Text--Site map tai chi books
This section will review the best books and DVDs related to Chinese swordsmanship and taijiquan. They will mostly be for sale worldwide. It will be an extra advantage for Australians. Clothing and other gear will be added eventually.

Taiji Notebook - s. Rodell

Test Cutting - S Rodell

2008 TCSL Tournament DVD

Site Search

There is a Google search tool on this page which will take you to any page on the site containing your choice of word. You'll find a picture of me and a game, just for fun.

Privacy Policy

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