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A Practical Guide to Test Cutting for Historical Swordsmanship

Scott M. Rodell

Test Cutting book by Scott Rodell

This book by Scott Rodell on cutting for historical swordsmanship will teach you everything from how to know you are ready, to how to cut with the correct angle. This is a book for the whole swordsmanship community, not just those of Chinese style. The priciples of good sword cutting are the same, no matter which kind of sword you are using.

First take a look at how the author does it on this DVD. If this is how you would like to be able to cut with sharp swords, this is the right book for you. I'm the only one who has them for sale in Australia so this is the only place to get them at Aussie postage rates.

Scott Rodell Cutting with Sharp Swords


Price Each $22 AUD
Orders sent out within 5 working days
Payment methods within Australia: Paypal, direct bank deposit, PO order, bank cheque
Postage calculated by weight and area ($6.50 AUD for 1-2 books, anywhere in Australia.
International I will post internationally to anywhere in the world but Americans will get a better deal on postage if they order from Seven Stars Trading.
International Payment I only accept Paypal from international buyers.

Use the Paypal button below or contact me via the form below to order.

Book Purchase/Enquiry
Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
Order notes/enquiries
A Buy 1 book $22 + $6.50 postage
B Buy 2 book $44 + $6.50 postage
C Buy more (ask about postage, see notes above)
First Name*
Last Name*
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Zip/Postal Code*

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