in each state of AUSTRALIA

(Dao wrap and lanyard by Peter Dekker)

Australian sword laws

T the following websites have the weapons laws for each state of Australia. This information came from the Australian Reenactment group New Varangian Guard. This group is among those with member exemptions from the stricter sword laws in Victoria:

Current Australian Weapons Laws by State

Australian Capitol Territory
Weapons Act 1991

New South Wales
Weapons Prohibition Act 1998, Weapons Prohibition Regulation 1999

Northern Territory
Weapons Control Act, Weapons Control Regulations

Weapons Act 1990, Weapons Regulation 1996

South Australia
Summary Offences Act 1953

Police Offences Act 1935

Control of Weapons Act 1990, Control of Weapons Regulation 2000, Firearms
Act 1996
Under Acts and Statutory Laws in the Victorian Law Today section.
Victoria Government Gazette G25 17 June 2004 pages 1719 - 1721

Western Australia
Weapons Act 1999, Weapons Regulations 1999

    Notes on Australian Weapons Laws

    Sword ownership age is 16 years in most parts of Australia.

    It is your responsibility to keep your swords safe from other people and people must not feel intimidated by your swords.

    Most Australians are free to import swords from overseas. Customs will charge duty on any import over $1000. Therefore, it is wise to put the invoice in a plastic sheet on the outside of the box where they can easily see it. If you put the invoice inside the box, they may take it to the depot in Sydney and charge you $70 to look at it. 

    If you have been in jail for an indictable offence, drugs, assault or misuse of weapons, you may not own a sword for between 5 and 15 years in some states. Please carefully read the weapons laws of your state to be sure of your rights.

    If you have further insight into Australian Sword Laws which you wish to be added to this page, please contact this site with the information and the sources.

    US Weapons Laws Information

    The following information has been submitted by Liam Boyle:

    Website with links to weapon laws for each US state:  http://www.knife-expert.com/sta-law.htm

    Most us weapon laws are written to deal with firearms and concealed carry, swords are not often mentioned.  According to several Law Enforcement personnel I have spoken with the rule of thumb for swords is that they are basically equated with firearms legally.  If you can legally use and carry a firearm than you can use and carry a sword.  However, much is open to interpretation law enforcement.  Hence why, although most states say nothing about knife blade length many LEO's will tell you blades must be under a certain length.

    If you have this sort of information for countries other than Australia, we'd love to put it up for the worldwide sword community. Contact the Chinese Swords Guide here.

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    Legal age for sword ownership in Australia is 16 but I won't sell to anyone under 18 unless they are training with a good teacher.

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